pizza, interest rates, and dying sopranos

We just staged the last act of Bohème, and I was sobbing even as he was blocking it. I dare you to get through the end of that opera without crying.

This morning I tried to explain the sub-prime mortgage crisis on an Italian test. Naturally, when asked to explain the economic situation, I couldn’t content myself with “gas costs a lot”, I had to explain and make moral judgments on predatory lending practicies. Una vergogna!

Yesterday at the market in the frozen pizza section I saw “Big Americans American Style Pizza.” As if it’s not bad enough that they think we are all pigs, apparently they also think that we eat pizza with sausage, pepperoni, and corn. I had to look twice to be sure, but it really does come with mais on the top.

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1 Response to pizza, interest rates, and dying sopranos

  1. corn! ahahaha! I often find it delightful when I’m surprised with fresh kernel corn in a dish, but I doubt frozen corn on a pizza would be quite as pleasing. but then again, I put frozen corn in my chili because I like the sweetness.-kwokj

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