Una Domenica a Firenze

Yesterday we went to lovely Florence, and it was hot.

I know this makes me sound like a hopeless snob, but I much prefer going to places with something to do (an educational program, a gig, etc), rather than as a tourist. I felt a little at loose ends yesterday. We waited forever at the Accademia, and I had my breath taken away by the David for the third time. I had never noticed the look on his face before; he looks frightened.

We found a good place for lunch that wasn’t too expensive, and sat on the sidewalk of a smaller street while we ate bruschetta and pasta. We tried to go to the Museo del Duomo, but it was closed so we wandered the market and a bought a few gifts (nobody get too excited – they’re not that great). Then we cruised the Duomo, wandered the piazza a bit, and sat at a cafe until it was time to board the bus.

I went straight to bed so I wasn’t exhausted today. I had a short rehearsal for Così, the scenes from the first act in which I sing about 5 lines of recit and just emote the rest of the time. Not terribly exciting, but I suppose that learning any Fiordiligi will serve me well (raise your hand if you have no clue what that means).

Some kids in the cafe were just listening to Route 66 on someone’s laptop. What do you think of that?

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