I had high hopes for posting yesterday, but an afternoon thunderstorm wiped out the internet. It’s that kind of town.

There were only two of us in Italian class this morning, which means we got a whole lot of individual attention. We explained the health care system at great length.

Both of the operas have begun dress rehearsals, which means the orchestra is in town. Puccini makes so much more sense with orchestra. I have discovered that watching someone play the triangle with great intensity is an intercontinental pleasure. It thrills me every time.

I ran both yesterday morning and today, and did stairs both times. What this means is that when it comes time to curtsy in the concert tonight my legs will buckle and I will fall. Stay tuned.

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  1. Leanne says:

    glad to hear that you are running, continuing our inside jokes (katoosh!), and discussing the health care system, even if it is in italian. i miss you! can’t wait until we’re both back in boston…

  2. Ben says:

    it makes me very happy that i can be on the cape for the fourth and get the same message from friends in seattle (via text message) and italy (via blog).katoosh, indeed.

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