When I told people about his trip, many predicted that I wouldn’t return to the US. I knew this, of course, to be nonsense, because I’m a hopeless homebody who loves to be near her family and who loves where she lives. In short, I love that dirty water (awwwww Boston you’re my home! – don’t worry Mom, CT is my home too, but there is no song for that)

Yet, I think I have found the thing that could keep me here. It’s not a man, it’s not a job, it’s…STRACIATELLA YOGURT. Wouldn’t you eat yogurt all the time if it had chocolate chips in it? I grabbed some this morning at the market. I bought a fair amount today because tomorrow (Sunday) everything will be closed up for the day, and I certainly don’t want to go hungry.

Rumor has it that the guys at Advance are keeping up with the blog. Here’s your shout-out!! Keep on molding!

Last night at the end of the Studio Artists concert we all sang the National Anthem. That we, 60 opera singers, sang it loudly should go without saying. Everyone put their hand over their heart even though there was no flag, and we didn’t sing our host country’s national anthem after ours (isn’t that a rule?)

Opera scenes go up tonight, think of me!

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  1. I think that ‘you know who’ should get a shout out…ya know, I’m just saying. And there is a song about CT, but I’ll share that with you on August 29th.

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