WARNING: This is going to be one of those “today I woke up. then i walked across the room” posts.

Apparently the crazy dogs who scream at me on the corner are skinny enough to get through their gate. This is not as frightening as you might think, because usually I come around the corner, find them outside the gate, and they run back through the slats and behind the fence before they start barking. You don’t scare me!

I just got off the phone with my lovely mother, who offered to come pick me up at the airport in Boston. I had thought of asking her to pick me up, but then didn’t want to be a burden, and then thought ‘if I ask her via the blog then she can’t say no!’ but then felt guilty about trying to guilt her into it. Lost in my emotional maelstrom I never got around to arranging someone to pick me up. I’m relieved that I not only will see my mom a week from tomorrow, but that I can save money on a cab.

Speaking of maelstroms, we were awakened this morning by wind whipping through the odd air-tunnell that our apartment becomes in gusty weather. Everything in the kitchen was knocked on the floor, and from the bedroom window I could see that the shower curtain was about to get sucked out the bathroom window. It broke my heart to shut the apartment up but it was terribly noisy and I was terribly tired. I should have guessed that those winds were blowing in a monstrous thunderstorm, but was still surprised when the crazy thunder started after lunch and it poured for a half an hour.

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  1. Ben says:

    geez, i would’ve picked you up, kid.

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