Seen in Novafeltria

I have meant to write about this since we got here: There is a small profumeria on the same street as the school, which is run by a wonderful woman who lives on the same street on which I live here. Out front there is a sign in English meant to entice the young singers to come inside. It reads “Want to look like Pavarotti or Callas?” The answer is decidedly no.

Tonight the covers sing Act III of Bohème, which of course has transformed me into a nervous wreck. I am glad to have had Così last night and then this, because I wasn’t sure I’d be singing much at all this last week.

Tomorrow we go to San Marino and then have the last Bohème in town during the evening. The next morning we leave early for Rome. I spend two nights in Rome, and I already warned all my hotelmates that I am going to be all churchy. I am not sure how much time I will spend in the Vatican since I will be there on a Sunday. I have never been to the Gesù, and definitely plan to get my Ignatian on this weekend. Monday morning I fly home! The end is near…

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