The Cleanliness Chronicles

As soon as I put on a white shirt I knew I would spill my coffee on it at some point. Ignoring my premonition, I left the house with my morning Joe in a “Connecticut River Community Bank” travel mug and was on my way…without a back up shirt.

I was all the way to JFK/UMass when I missed my mouth with the mug (or the mug with my mouth?) and splashed coffee on my shirt. I pulled my sweater tight, but it wasn’t tight enough to cover the splash. Tide StainStick-less, I walked to work.

When I got to work I headed straight to a women’s bathroom. Leaning over the sink wasn’t doing the trick, so off the shirt came (it was a private bathroom) and I did my best to rinse only the soiled part. Those of you familiar with “my best” when it comes to cleanliness know that it is not very good. I soaked the entire front of my white T-shirt. And for what it’s worth, I still don’t think I got the coffee out.

So right now I have my t-shirt on backwards with my sweater tied as tight around me as it can be. I’ll let you know when it dries.

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