I woke up this morning with a serious case of cooties, brought on no doubt by the recent return to work (and the change in seasons). I decided to treat the sniffles with this course of action I had only heard about before. It’s called “taking it easy”.

So I ditched/postponed my long run (10 miles with a fever? I’m too old for that) and lay on the couch for most of the morning. I had to go out in the afternoon, but came back and napped on the couch before going out this evening.

I had a pretty typical moment out at the pub. I had ordered a drink and given my name to the waitress to open a tab. A very handsome bartender came over and started chatting, and I asked him for a water as well. He asked me my name, and my first thought, which, thank heavens did not come out of my mouth, was “Are you seriously going to charge a tap water to my tab?” Then I noticed he had stuck his hand out. To shake mine. Like normal men and women do when they are meeting each other.

Don’t yell at people when they ask your name, don’t shout “what the hell is that?” when someone puts his arm around you. BE COOL!

Refer to minute 1:00.

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