Wildlife in the ‘hood

Yesterday morning I opened my back door and turned on the light to see an opossum staring me in the face. I have to admit, it freaked me out a bit. Growing up on a busy road in an area full of wildlife, I saw my share of critters, both living and dead. But when I moved to the city, sacrificing the grass and trees of my home for asphalt and walk-ups, one thing I thought I would be rid of would be gross animals like oppossums.

Not so, apparently. After seeing Critter #1 I set out for an early morning run. Around mile 2 I saw Critter #2, small and soft and black, creeping out of the edge of Dorchester Bay with an ominous white streak down it’s back. Nothing helps me with my speedwork like the prospect of taking a tomato sauce shower before work, so I swung as far to the left as I could and sprinted past Stinky back toward Dorchester Heights.

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