Last night at the Green Dragon

Out with friends last night, they insisted that they were not important enough to make the blog. I’m here to prove them wrong.

At one point Brian turned to me and said “can we be cocky for a second?” I thought to myself, he’s going to want to play ‘who’ll be in Barack’s cabinet’. I was right.

Keith announced that if he had a website it would be a picture of a bird and a politician (as opposed to my glamorous site).

Alison made the mistake of disagreeing with us on one of the ballot questions for next week. We made her pay for that. Sorry about that, Alison.

And speaking of the Green Dragon, did you know that Paul Revere was a drunk who fell off of his horse in Arlington and never made it to Lexington and Concord?

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1 Response to Last night at the Green Dragon

  1. bhayes1 says:

    Thanks for the shout out, Breggin!1 more day till Election Day!

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