Living Single

I had hoped this post would lead with the clip from 30 Rock of the Red Cross nurse saying to Liz “35 years old, 3 sexual partners in the last 10 years? Maybe it’s time to settle.”

It only irks me mildly when people call me “Mrs”. It’s inaccurate, but I usually don’t make a big stink about it although occasionally I will say to students “It’s Ms! Mrs. F was my grandma!” Yesterday I said that to a student and we went on to make more small talk about his classes. While talking about French class we flipped into French, so when the conversation was over I said “Au revoir” and he responsed “Au revoir Madame!”. I gently corrected him again with a “Mademoiselle!”

He looked at me confused, and then shouted at me as I walked out the door “Wait – you’re not married yet!?!!”


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