Hidden Treasures

To my great dismay, I knocked a can of Static Guard behind the dryer before 7 am this morning. Convinced that an aerosol can was more likely than other detritus to explode when exposed to the heat of the appliance, I took an excursion into the dusty corner before sunrise.

I found a pad of star-shaped post-its (now tragically warped beyond the point of usefulness) and a bottle of stain remover. Most surprisingly I found a large baking pan which I had not noticed was missing. I’m happy to have all of these items back on the radar.

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2 Responses to Hidden Treasures

  1. D. Mike says:

    Once I had this roommate, Matt, and we rented an old house in South St. Louis for two years. The house came with a dryer but it stopped working while we were living there. While pulling the dryer out of its corner to get rid of it, we found a blue satin Victoria’s Secret thong. I swore it wasn’t mine. He swore it wasn’t his. Neither of us believed the other.

  2. This sounds like a Jane Kenyon poem or something.

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