2008 by the numbers

I would love to write some eloquent wrap-up to my year, but recently realized that I am not 100% sure which things happened in 2008 and which were another year. I took a look back over my planner to see exactly what this young musician did with her year.

Roles learned: 4
Roles performed: 3
Requiems (requia?) sung: 2 (in the same day)
Auditions: 22
Auditions out of state: 4
Church gigs (as a singer): 76
Church gigs (as a conductor): 44
Rehearsals (as a singer): 79
Rehearsals (as a conductor): 55
Personal days off from work: 2
Blood donations: 1
Dentist appointments: 2
Voice therapy sessions: 8
Voice lessons: 21
Coachings: 14
Cosi fan tutte scenes: 2
Recordings: 2
Concertos learned: 1
Arias learned: 7
Miles driven for music-related events: 2000+

That’s an adequate snapshot of my year – and I’m tired of counting things. To more music in 2009!

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