My double life, part 2

I wish I could say that my posting hiatus is due to making good on my resolution, and that I have been so busy seeing friends that I haven’t posted, but that is not the case.

In about ten days my two year term as President of BOC ends, and I have been spending a lot of time working on the transition. I was asked to stay on the Leadership Team as the Public Relations Chair, and PR preparations for our upcoming show (Alcina, February 12-15!) have had me very busy.

My email inbox is bustling with emails about ticket sales, coupon codes, press releases, program ads, etc. Amid the flood of emails this morning I found one that made me sigh a little bit with longing: Call for Submissions: Journal of Inter-Religious Dialogue.

Yes, I am odd for being so moved by that. But occasionally I think about what my life would be like if I didn’t sing, if I hadn’t had to choose a lifestyle that gives me the freedom to take gigs and lessons and be a part of the artistic culture. I would probably have a PhD in Theology, maybe Scripture in particular. I would have spent years in the library: writing, researching, learning. I love the world of academia, and I surely still have a foot there, but there are a lot of ‘worlds’ I dabble in, and I’m running out of feet.

I know that lifestyle would be just as taxing as any other, but one thing that makes it really attractive: You don’t have to exhaust yourself tiptoeing around the feelings of oversensitive sopranos when it’s just you and the New Testament Abstracts.

My third love, besides theology and singing: Municipal government. Commentary on the State of the City to follow!

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