Audition seasons and off-seasons

During the fall I get psyched up for audition season (not because I am naturally gleeful about putting myself out there, but because it’s a psychological necessity). In August I try to get all of my applications ready so that they are done before school starts, and then November and December is a whirlwhind of singing. This December especially, as many of you know, auditions took over my life, and I went underground, surfacing occasionally to put on my purple dress and sing Chi il bel sogno.

This time of year is definitely the ‘off-season’ for auditions, but they still come up. As I posted recently I had one a few weeks ago, plus I have three this week. I think for a lot of singers though, this is not the time of year that our brain is on auditions. I put them in my calendar and on the day that I have to sing the first thought that comes to mind is “Do I still know how to sing?”

So the next few hours involve getting my head in the game to sing tonight. Wish me luck.

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