Double Cup

My senior year of college I had what I am convinced is one of the best jobs ever: barista at a coffee shop. (On a side note, I hate the word barista but have yet to find a good synonym). I got to give people something they liked and chat with people every morning. It was great.

There was one woman though who would always ask for her coffee in a double cup. I think it was the sound of the phrase that aggravated me rather than the waste that goes along with a double cup. I never really minded doing it for people, but hearing that phrase drove me nuts, the same way some people cringe at the word ‘moist’.

Today at the Starbucks near BC I heard a woman order something in a double cup and immediately my skin started to crawl. Next she leaned over to the person making it to tell him precisely how she liked her latte. Following that I watched a woman dump half a cup of tea into the trash can to make room for milk and had to bite my tongue to keep myself from pointing out that someone was going to have to empty that trash that was now full of scalding water.

It was like all my Espresso Royale nightmares wrapped into one.

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