I cracked my knuckle today!!!

I know what you’re thinking: FeliceMiFa has finally plunged into the complete banality. Finger cracking?

This interests you, I swear, especially if you were reading the blog last summer when I fell repeatedly. In August 2008 I ate it while running (a few weeks later I ate it again in a truly spectacular display at Castle Island). I seriously jammed up my hand and my fingers haven’t been right since. I figured I would wait a year before I would see a doctor about it.

Excurses: Time and healing in the mind of FeliceMiFa (can you tell I have been reading scripture commentaries all day?)

My ecclesiological inclinations lead me to live on “Roman time”. Most major change in the Church that I study and teach happens over generations. Should I be shocked that it would take one year for my hand to heal? I also tend to believe that health problems will work themselves out in time. So I stayed gimpy in the right hand for a few months, unable to open jars.

Anyway, today I was able to crack the knuckle on my right hand by tugging on it. I’m still not quite able to achieve full range of motion, but hopefully by the one year mark I’ll be able to!

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