My morning laugh

When I was a senior in college I worked at the coffee shop across the street from campus. It was a great job, giving me the opportunity to chat with people and give them something that they really wanted. Even the early start time (5:45 am!) was tolerable because I really liked the job. The one issue that I had was that by the time the regulars started rolling in around 8 am, I was already wide awake and was operating at full volume. Those of you familiar with my full volume know that can be overwhelming at any time of day, and often one of my mid-morning laughs would force someone out of their sleepiness whether they wanted to be woken up or not.

Nowadays I don’t do coffee shops much in the morning, mainly due to their absence in my neighborhood. I make coffee at home to save money or I stop at Dunkin’ on the way to work. This week, however, in order to fuel my spring break paper writing, I have been stopping at Starbucks for a latte on the way to the library.

This morning the milk-foamer made a beautiful latte right up to the top of my travel mug. I could tell the lid wouldn’t fit quite yet, so I had a few sips, put the mug down on the counter, and snapped the lid on. The foam apparently was still too high because a plume of steamed skim shot out of the lip of the lid like a geyser, spraying my glasses, hair, and the counter. I laughed.

Let’s be honest, I cackled, and I woke the place up. It was very funny. Everyone looked at me like I was crazy (probably because I am), and a kind gentleman helped me get the foam out of my hair. Now, to finish this paper.

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