Fraud alert

My credit card was declined at the Office Max in Dorchester last weekend. That’s not the first time that has happened at the particular store – apparently my credit company has a fraud department freak-out every time I try to spend hundreds of dollars on worship aid printing.

Part of me is glad that they are looking out for me, but part of me wishes there were a box you could check on your credit card application that read “My life is weird”. My recent charges include a round of apps at a Chili’s in West Virginia, a round of drinks at a BC bar in Allston, and yes, $800 of copies. That’s not fraud, just my life.

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1 Response to Fraud alert

  1. Garpu says:

    Once I was buying something on a website in a company located overseas. The bank put a fraud hold on my account. I got it cleared, got the purchase made, and went to pick up some things I needed. Yep, card was declined–bank thought I actually was in Hong kong. Go figure.

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