Sleepy’s? More like creepy’s.

I take a long time to do things.

I put off moving into my own place for years until one day I walked into a realtor’s and put first and last down on the first apartment I saw. Buying a futon took about 7 months from the time I thought I might like one, and a futon cover was another 4 or 5 months in the making.

It’s been obvious for more than a year that I need a new mattress and box spring, and a quick look around my apartment reveals that I really need a proper bed and not just a crummy old bed frame. Still, I’m not very particular about those sorts of things, and I can be somewhat lazy, so I keep putting off getting the new furniture.

Yesterday I finally went to Sleepy’s thinking this could be the time! I usually think and think about these big purchases and then complete them quite suddenly, and I figured that yesterday’s excursion could be the culmination of all my new-furniture-dreaming.

I walked into the store and there were two salesmen in the big empty store, goofing off on their cell phones. I explained that I wanted a mattress and box spring, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, and I sleep on my side. I had hoped that I would lay down on a mattress or two and finally feel “ahhh, this is what a mattress is supposed to be!”, but nothing really struck me.

In addition, the salesman I was working with was pushy and dismissive, while the other salesman watched me roll around on the beds with a little too much interest. My gut was telling me that the day of the new bed had not arrived, so I stood up and explained to the salesman that I had been expecting something to really knock my socks off, and nothing had, and my gut was telling me that I shouldn’t get anything today.

He proceeded to get somewhat antagonistic and even pushier. “Then what was your goal in coming in here today? What do you mean when you say ‘knock your socks off’?” I find it very funny when people think that they can bully me, which was definitely what he was trying to do. I know that I may not always look like a stubborn, firm person, but despite my small stature I have a pretty big will.

Every year there are a few kids who think that they can manipulate me either by bickering or by getting weepy. My co-workers think it’s a riot. In fact, most people who know me are amused when someone who thinks they can badger me gives it a whirl, since most of the time there couldn’t be a further possibility.

The end of the story is that I didn’t buy a bed.

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2 Responses to Sleepy’s? More like creepy’s.

  1. Up here, we have a chain called Sleep Country, and their jingle is "Sleep Country, Canada! Why buy a mattress anywhere else?!"So Ka Lun and I made it our first stop, but we found that even if you only buy a mattress and skip the box spring (because we intended to buy an IKEA platform bed that didn't require one) you only saved 25%. Our salesman was kinda creepy, too, though not in a pushy way, but rather in a trying-to-disguise-personal-insecurities-about-living-with-mom-by-talking-our-ears-off-and-oversharing. Anyway, we ended up getting our mattress from IKEA as well, and we like it very much. Sultan Hasselback, if you wanted to know, and like firm support.

  2. Garpu says:

    Yah, I got my mattress from IKEA, too. It wasn't the Sultan Hasselback, but it's one of the cheaper spring ones. Pretty decent for the price. That reminds me that I need to turn it.

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