I had a nice run

It had been over a year since my most recent tumble (which came merely 5 days after another, during the summer of my bi-continental clumsiness). My streak ended yesterday.

I had set the alarm for 5:25 yesterday morning. Since I put my alarm on the other side of the room I don’t consider myself in danger of oversleeping, but yesterday was an exception. I have no recollection of getting up, weaving through the maze of furniture crammed in my studio, finding the tiny button on my cell phone to turn the alarm off, and getting back in bed. I must have done all of those things, because I awoke 15 minutes later than I usually rise on mornings when I don’t run.

Therefore I had to run at the end of a long day. I got home around sunset, changed quickly and got out on the road as quickly as I could, taking a familiar route that I knew would be well-lit. About three minutes into my run I was suddenly on the ground, somehow ending up on my back even though it was my front that was bleeding. I now have a sweet bandage in the usual place of knee-skinning. I have given up on having legs without scars. There is no real reason for my having fallen.

In addition to banging up myself, I also cracked the face on my watch. I looked at my watch before going running, thought “I need to take this off” and then forgot to do so (NB: In my mind, this is my way of being punished for sleeping through my alarm, because if I had gone running in the morning I wouldn’t have been wearing the watch).

To confirm my suspicion that I’m better off not running in the evening, while scaling the last hill on the way home I was passed by a man in street clothes, easily over 200 pounds, wearing flipflops. He was obviously fleeing from someone.

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