Road Race, by the numbers

Miles: 4.75. Sightings of Whalers gear: 18. Kids from my high school running in kilts: 3. Drunks on rooftops: 9. Runners behind me with bullhorns: 1 (and believe me, one was enough).

I can’t really see the allure of running in costume, but that’s probably because running is hard enough for me. I can’t imagine adding a pair of wings or a native headdress to my usual running accoutrements. I don’t know for whom I felt worse today: the guy in the Buzz Lightyear costume that couldn’t have been very breathable, or his girlfriend dressed as Woody, running in jeans.

After the race: latte, shower, TV, pleasure reading, and soon dinner. Lots to be thankful for today! Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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