We never know how bad it is until it’s over.

I’m talking about winter of course. Even when it’s patently awful we can’t realize how much it has affected us until he sun is shining again.

Today I was driving to a rehearsal  in flip flops with the windows rolled down. There was trashy pop blasting from my car radio and wind blowing my hair around. It was sunny still near seven, with just enough cloud cover that there wasn’t much sun glare.

The sunset and the breeze and the music ambushed my senses. I felt my shoulders relax against the driver’s seat as I let out a sigh so deep I felt like I’d been holding my breath forever. I was no longer drowning.

We made it through another one. There are flowers blooming.

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2 Responses to Exhale

  1. That’s exactly how I felt today too! As I drove past all the blooming pear trees and magnolias I thought “thank you for coming back.”

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