Barbarous in beauty

Summer ends now, barbarous in beauty… I wish I could claim to have written that, but the truth is it is the beginning of one of the many poems by Gerard Manley Hopkins that tears my heart out whenever I read it.

Yesterday I woke up and stepped outside and it felt like a fall morning. I felt dread and nostalgia and sadness, not because it wasn’t beautiful, but because autumn is wrapped up in a million sadnesses and

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4 Responses to Barbarous in beauty

  1. This is beautiful: I, too, feel as if autumn is a prayer itself. There is something about the golden quality of light in the afternoon that catches in my throat. Even though I know it signals rough weather, I look forward to it every year. So right now I am missing the smell of red clover, because almost nobody has to mow their lawns again, but I am counting the days and nights until the light goes golden.

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