Hitting Pause

Earlier this week the fantastic Jon Acuff posted five great reasons to hit pause on one’s blog this time of year. One of his suggestions was to re-post an old post once a day. I was definitely intrigued by the idea, although this passage hit a little close to home:

The fear as a blogger is that if you do something like this you will instantly lose all your traffic, people will never read your posts again, and when you return on January 1st you will find a zombie-like ghost town where a once vital, vibrant blog stood.

I know the feeling. As this academic year turned into “the year I will always remember for being so busy”, my blogging definitely decreased. I have just started getting back on track again. Do I dare take some time off?

The answer is yes, and I will likely still manage to post more than I have been these last few months. I am going to repost something old for the last ten days of the year, beginning tomorrow. I probably have enough for Advent and Christmas to keep it seasonal through the first of the year, when I will have to go back to struggling to find something topical I haven’t already said.

You with me? The adventure begins tomorrow. Thanks for reading!


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9 Responses to Hitting Pause

  1. Flor says:

    Hm. An intriguing exercise. Heck, for me it would be something to post. I’ve been feeling dry and empty for ages.

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