5 (or maybe 7) reasons I have been quiet lately

I have been quiet lately, in blogging if not in life. I need you to know that I take very seriously my sacred duty to bombard you with my opinions all of the time, so this absence has not been taken lightly.

1. I need to finish the first draft of my synthesis.

I am working on a poetic little number entitled “Community, Conversion, and the Rite of Penance”. It includes quotes from the Council of Trent, attempted summaries of Rahner (because he’s the only one who can rebut Aquinas, who disagrees with my thesis) and sentences like this: Tasked with episcopal  governance during a persecution, Cyprian was burdened by conflict within the community between rigorist adherents of Tertullian’s Montanist position that some irremissable sins are unforgivable by the Church, and those who favored a more lenient approach. Just kidding! It’s not poetic. But a draft is due on Friday.

2. I have crazy belly.

Although my health has been on the good side lately, today was the day to have some serious tests done. The doctor gave me a preliminary diagnosis (before her full analysis of the results) and I have decided I don’t like it and that I won’t believe it until our next appointment…which is also Friday. Big day for me.

3. Singing is fun!

Back in my days as a jazzer, I sang for a one masterclass clincian who declared my style was too uptight. she had me scat using only the words “singing is fun” and some days I still sing that to myself. Anyway, singing has been fun lately. Lots of auditions, and even better, lots of callbacks. And even better than that, a few gigs. But since I haven’t yet got the thumbs to blog from my iPhone, it keeps me from writing.

4. I am determined to break a sweat.

I came back from the holidays looking a little more like a Sicilian housewife than I ought to. So I’ve been working hard on the treadmill, plus I have been taking all those classes like zumba and cardio hip-hop that I should be too embarrassed to try. Also, I have finally reached the point in yoga where I feel like I can keep up. I owned crow pose the other day, and a week ago got into wheel pose for the first time in 15 years.

5. Oh right…I still have three jobs.

(Do these count as 5, 6, and 7?) Tests to grade, lessons to write, progress reports to…report? Add to that my sweet conducting jobs (getting back into that after the holidays really helped tone my arms again! j/k…sort of), and the free-lance work that it takes just as long to get as it does to complete, and you have a very full life.

So forgive my silence (or almost silence), all. Hopefully this post will kick start my writing a little. If not, know that you’ll at least be able to find a guest post from me on Preston’s blog later this week.

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2 Responses to 5 (or maybe 7) reasons I have been quiet lately

  1. Jen says:

    Yikes! Hope you’re OK! 😦

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