Five things for Ash Wednesday

As it always does, the liturgical calendar has wended it’s way back to Ash Wednesday and we are off again on our Lenten adventures. Because I have a busy day with a number of rehearsals (and of course, some church!) I am not sure if or when I will have time to write the words of wisdom you have come to expect (or I have convinced myself I am writing). So in lieu of that, here’s five things for your Ash Wednesday.

First and most important, T.S. Eliot’s poem Ash Wednesday. Yes, I know you’re tired of me talking about it. But it’s my favorite. Sometimes I read it out loud to myself.

Second, a song by a friend of mine inspired by the same poem. I’ve always liked Dann’s work, but this song really knocked my socks off.

Third and fourth, two old posts from me on Ash Wednesday: Our peace in God’s will (yes, inspired by Eliot. I’m sorry, I’m into the guy!) and Create in me. Both of them at their core are about trust and submission. Hmmmm.

And finally, a wish inspired by a loved one who was disappointed to get a bad ash-er at mass this morning. May your cross be distinct and your ashes be dark and lasting. Seriously, I should write greeting cards.

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