Find Your Inner Iggy!

In honor of the Feast of St Ignatius coming up at the end of the month, Loyola Press has been having a “31 days with Ignatius series”.

With the immersion into Jesuit education and ministries that I’ve had throughout my adult life, I have had closer to 3100 days with Ignatius. The tradition of Ignatian Spirituality and the witness of individual Jesuits (and their lay partners) has shaped me immeasurably (which anyone with eyes to see would have noticed in my sundry “I-Found-God-in-some-random-thing” posts.)

So now they are running a “Find Your Inner Iggy” event on Facebook, which has a balance of goofiness and earnestness that is right up my alley. That inspired me to revisit some of my Ignatian ramblings and settle on running a blog series, beginning tomorrow, all about Finding My Inner Iggy.

I plan to re-post a fair amount of material, because I already have posts titled “The Deepest Desire” and “God in All Things” and “That is Enough for Me”. But don’t you go searching for them right now. It will ruin the rest of the week!

For now, I’m going to add “Ignatian” to my spell-check, and plot ways to convince a future spouse to name a future son Ignatius.

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