And he was transfigured before them and his clothes became dazzling white such as no fuller on earth could bleach them.

Jesus was transfigured, revealed. Not changed in substance, just in form. He was always glorious, but needed to look different for people to see who he truly was.

We all love a good ugly duckling story. Good person ignored is rightly recognized after plucking their eyebrows or showing off their waist. Even Jesus impressed the guys with his clothes.

But in the Transfiguration there is a promise of more than admiration, and of a transformation we don’t have to earn.

We may not always see it, but we are God’s pleasing children. We glimpse it in moments, in pieces, on mountaintops and in valleys, with friends and in solitude. Though the revelation may change us, it does so by revealing what we already are: beloved.

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