7 quick takes, volume 8

— 1 —

I’m reporting here from the land of “better late than never” because I spent the day sitting outside. I’ll be taking my leisurely attitude into the post with some short takes.

— 2 —

I think we all know that the days of sitting outside in the sun all day are numbered, at least for this New England girl. I usually get some pretty rotten seasonal depression. Last year, what with a stressful long-distance relationship and undiagnosed Crohn’s disease, I didn’t have the emotional bandwidth for SAD. What will this autumn hold? Stay tuned.

— 3 —

What’s that you’re asking about tuning? Are you curious if I’m going to sing in tune two weekends from now when I cantor Boston College’s 150th anniversary mass at Fenway in front of 20,000 people? I think I will. At least I’ll try.

— 4 —

I’m still plowing through the book Thirty Days. I’m a fast reader, but these days I am not a frequent reader. Maybe all those months of reading Rahner for school have traumatized me.

— 5 —

Today I was reminiscing about my SAT scores, which are memorable after all these years. Do you still remember yours?

— 6 —

Today is the last day to help Boston Opera Collaborative Fund the Future. Getting to the end of one of these campaigns is like reaching the end of a marathon. We’re all proud of our achievements but glad that it’s done!

— 7 —

I take holidays very seriously, and I take the holiday at the end of summer more seriously than most. I will be observing days of rest very intentionally this weekend. I hope you do as well!

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