7 quick takes, volume 9

— 1 —

Today was the deadline by which I had to order prints from the photo service I use before they deleted all of them. This happens every year, and since I don’t want to lose my archive I pick out a few to print a stave off virtual annihilation for another year. Here are a few of the ones I printed.

One of the many beach scenes we enjoyed this summer.

After a harrowing drive up Mt Greylock.

— 2 —

I have stayed up too late all week watching the Democratic National Convention. I’m pretty beat and am looking forward to returning to my elderly sleep habits. Usually, the only time I stay up late in the fall is when the Red Sox are in the playoffs. I won’t have to worry about that this year.

— 3 —

I have sports on the brain because a friend of mine just offered me tickets to the BC football game this weekend. I was not a fanatic when I was in school, but I try to get to a game or two a year now. A free Saturday afternoon is a rare occasion, but tomorrow happens to be one. You’ll find me enjoying the last glow of summer cheering on my Eagles.

— 4 —

After shredding my palms Monday, I knew I’d be taking a chance trying to do yoga this week, but I toughed it out. During the class I went to on Wednesday the teacher was fond of keeping us in the same poses for what seemed like eternity, so every downward dog was a marathon. I taped up my cuts with bandaids and tried not to cry. Yesterday was a little better, but when it came time to put all of our weight on one hand I cried uncle.

— 5 —

Adventures in vegetables are continuing apace. I picked up my half bushel from the CSA on Wednesday, and have been enjoying kale smoothies ever since. Last night I whipped up zucchini-onion soup, parsley pesto, and a sugar melon martini. I knew this already, but this week confirms that I feel so much better when I eat fresh food.

— 6 —

What’s that you say about fresh, healthy food? I have a voucher for a restaurant in the North End that I need to use this weekend. Saturday night will NOT be about fresh healthy food, but about cheese and carbs. Hopefully I’ll survive.

— 7 —

Overall, my crazy belly has been pretty good the last couple weeks. I have an MRE (barium drink meets MRI) on Wednesday, and frankly I hope they don’t find anything because I don’t want any new meds or new procedures. Maybe I’ll just start surviving on Ensure.

Here’s hoping your weekend does not involve even a drop of Ensure. Have a great one!

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1 Response to 7 quick takes, volume 9

  1. I am guilty of the same thing with a photo service. Yikes.

    I am a big fan of eating fresh foods, but hey, it’s perfectly okay to go out once in a while for some cheese and carbs!

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