7 Quick Takes, Volume 14

— 1 —

Last week I achieved the uncommon mixture of apprehensive bragging as I let you know about the Hartford Half-Marathon. I am happy to report that despite some yucky Crohn’s pain Friday night, and freezing temps Saturday morning, I had a great race. It wasn’t quite a PR, but it was the best 13.1 time I’ve had in a few years.

— 2 —

We’re taking the boat out of the water this weekend. Rather than getting bogged down in details about that, let’s talk about how I just wrote the sentence “we’re taking the boat out of the water this weekend”. Two years ago I was single and had never been on a sailboat that I can remember. Now I say “we” a lot and feel proprietary about a boat. WEIRD.

Fall sailing is much improved with a scarf and a hot drink.

— 3 —

I continue to marvel at the ongoing relevance of the Al Smith dinner. The reports of Catholicism’s demise have been greatly exaggerated.

— 4 —

The FBI this week announced they had busted up a prostitution/human trafficking ring in Greater Boston. What kind of person “imports” human beings and forces them to have sex for money? Seriously, what kind of horrid, evil, selfish, conscience-less person does something like that? I wish we still pilloried people. I’m pretty sure when Jesus said “judge not” he wasn’t referring to sex traffickers.

— 5 —

Last week’s recording session was fantastic. I worked with Bonnie, my regular pianist, and Kazuto from Caveman Music, who shows up with all his equipment in a wheelie suitcase and does all the editing on-site, so I walk away with a CD of our work. Recording is always super-stressful, because if you have a bad day you waste a lot of money and time. Luckily I had a good day, and got some tracks I’m very proud of. Have a listen!

— 6 —

Good thing I had a good session last Thursday, because the day after my race I came down with a cough, and have been sniffling all week. My colds usually follow a set pattern and come at a certain time of year, but this one has confounded me. I’m finally feeling like I’m on the mend today.

— 7 —

Illness, exhaustion, October ennui…all of these things have had me a little bit blocked blog-wise this week. (I’m not sure I really believe one can be blocked, but this time of year my usual “just write” approach to banging through blocked-ness hasn’t been working). If there’s anything you’d like me to write about in the upcoming weeks shoot me a message, tweet, or a comment. Maybe some suggestions will get me all prolific and stuff.

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