Seven Quick Takes, volume 15

— 1 —

Yesterday I wrote “Four Alternatives to Killing Your Pipe Organ” in response to a Boston Globe opinion piece that really irked me. Diana linked to it over at the PrayTell Blog as well, which flatters me to no end, and offers some consolation that what could easily have been a screed became something a little more fruitful. This post has been viewed more than any other by far – by an order of magnitude. Even though I “wrote it hot” as they say, I tried to be charitable and reasonable.

— 2 —

I am deep in rehearsals for Opera Goes to Jail, a program of operatic scenes and arias based on Crime and Punishment which opens a week from today at Cambridge’s Club Oberon. Locals should buy their tickets early!

— 3 —

This weekend marks one of my most stressful fall rituals: Halloween parties. I am delighted to have the opportunity to spend time with friends over the weekend, but coming up with and pulling off creative costumes is not my forte. I usually just go as whatever brunette with big hair is in that year (Amy Winehouse, Snooki). Once I was invited to a TV-themed Halloween party and was forbidden from going as Liz Lemon because it would have been too easy.

So in the next 48 hours my honey and I have to settle on costumes. My vote for Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren was vetoed, though with his salt-and-pepper hair I think my BF could pull it off. I’d need a wig. Whatever we decide on, I probably won’t be posting pictures.

— 4 —

The political mailings are coming relentlessly from the candidates mentioned above and others. As an unaffiliated female voter who lives in a neighborhood known both for its yuppies and its working class people, the targeted marketing is all over the place. I’m getting the “throw it all against the wall and see what sticks” approach in my mailbox every day.

— 5 —

Football tickets this weekend! I have made this announcement before and then we’ve ended up not going to the game, but really this time, we’re seeing BC-Maryland this weekend. GO EAGLES!

— 6 —

Another politician stuck his foot in his mouth this week talking about rape and abortion. I bet the far right is wishing they’d found more articulate candidates. Or wishing that people would say the things they believe out loud once or twice before they are in front of a microphone so they could hear how ridiculous their theology sounds.

— 7 —

Speaking of theology, I almost found myself missing grad school yesterday. Last May I finished my second masters degree (the first was in voice) at the School of Theology and Ministry after seven wonderful – but long – years. I do miss being forced – no, make that encouraged – to read and write about theology on a regular basis. But that’s what I have the blog for.

On the other hand, I don’t miss that constant feeling of guilt that there is something I should be reading or writing. Come to think of it, this blog is good for that too.

Have a great weekend!

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2 Responses to Seven Quick Takes, volume 15

  1. Megan says:

    Gotta love the foot in the mouth politicians.

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