Who are your saints?

The people in my life have made it easy for me to believe in a God of love.

My co-workers are generous, faithful, and funny. They are kind to me even when I’m annoying, and they supported me last year when I developed Crohn’s disease and was sick for quite a while.

My colleagues in BOC and my other musical pursuits – shows I’m in, choirs I direct – are also an inspiration. They are devoted to their art, to creating something beautiful and sharing it with other people.

My readers inspire me by their willingness to dialogue and the thoughtfulness of the responses they give to my reflections.

All of these people and more I consider my friends, and their fellowship is witness to the communion of saints.

Finally, my family helps me believe. My father is hardworking and devoted, my mother faithful and passionate, my brother caring and principled. My aunts and uncles are numerous and affectionate, my cousins an inspiration by the families and relationships they have. I include in this group my boyfriend, who by all accounts was a great man even before we met, but definitely earns the title of saint for putting up with me.

On All Saints Day it is easy to get swept up in the heroic stories of long ago, of our far-off idols such as Francis of Assisi, Patrick, Perpetua and Felicity, Hildegard, and Ignatius. But I also remember – today and every day – that my life and community are full of people whose love and goodness are heroic every day.

A few of my saints

Happy All Saints Day. Who are your saints?

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