Seven Quick Takes, volume 16

— 1 —

Much as I suspected, when jumping on the Seven Quick Takes bandwagon 16 weeks ago, I have a terrible time remembering which “volume” each entry should be, and always have to go back and see what the last week was.

— 2 —

GIG TONIGHT! I’m joining my colleagues with the Boston Opera Collaborative for a gig at Club Oberon tonight. The program is titled Opera Goes to Jail. It will be brilliant! And drinks will be served!

— 3 —

My post titled Four Alternatives to Killing Your Pipe Organ continues to make it’s way across the internet. Last check I found it in an AGO newsletter, and in a news source in the Pacific Northwest. I’m not mentioned by name but rather as a prevailing “cooler head”. This is funny because in truth I am a hothead. Like whoaaa.

Which makes me wonder: when I try to be prudent and levelheaded in my writing, which I often am not in my speech and behavior, am I being fake, or am I just trying to be better than I am?

— 4 —

Sandy’s storms didn’t have much lasting impact on the City of Boston, though some of our suburban coastal neighbors took a huge hit, and of course people in New Jersey and New York got slammed as well. Our only aggravation here is that our schedules got thrown off, which compared to others’ suffering isn’t much of an aggravation at all.

— 5 —

I’m surprised at how many people disapprove of the decision to hold the New York Marathon this weekend. Though I’m skeptical by nature, I am also one who can see the community building and inspirational aspects of big athletic events. What do you think – should we bring people into New York City for a positive event, or will it do harm? I’m not really interested in all the other things we think they should be doing instead, rather in if it does more harm than good. I could be curing cancer instead of running half-marathons.

— 6 —

I haven’t run much since my own halffy about 3 weeks ago. Life is crazy with a few shows that I’m in, big events on the liturgical calendar, lots of commitments at work, and traveling every other weekend. I miss running and I REALLY miss yoga. I always tell myself I’ll practice at home, but I do a few downward dogs and then move on to something else. Inspire me to get back in the game! (or tell me how I can find the time!)

— 7 —

My conviction that I have the best job ever was confirmed today when we had a cupcake contest and all of us got to be the judges. So with that, I’m off to vote one more time!

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2 Responses to Seven Quick Takes, volume 16

  1. Amy H. says:

    I’m with you on missing yoga. Should we each commit to a practice this week??

  2. Rae says:

    Make space for yoga and it will make time for you.

    Of course I don’t really know whether or not that is true, but it seems worth trying. So maybe try and report back so that I can know?

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