Wishing time away

I know that I’m not supposed to wish time away. But it’s almost a holiday, it’s almost a break, it’s almost a special day, it’s almost time with loved ones, almost, almost, almost.

I’m always away from someone, always missing someone, and always thinking “if only it were a different time or place and I could stop this endless missing”. When I’m with the people I love I beg time to stop again. Instead it churns onward and spits me back out onto the treadmill of absence.

The day will come when I’ll scramble for time, when I measure time not in how long until I see the people I love but how long until they depart. I worry I will lament years of wishing time away, but I can’t help myself. My heart has reasons of which reason, fear, and better judgment know not.

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1 Response to Wishing time away

  1. Kevin says:

    Perhaps that is the whole reason for anamnesis, that is to say, we need those moments to “re-live ” in our hearts to keep us connected to one another and to keep us aware of the fleeting nature of time. Sad to say Felice, it only gets worse as we grow older. But the memories do grow more sweet,even if also tinged by sadness. Tempus fugit!

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