O Emmanuel

23 Dec O Emmanuel

O Emmanuel, Rex et legifer noster,
exspectatio Gentium, et Salvator earum:
veni ad salvandum nos, Domine, Deus noster.

O Emmanuel, you are our king and judge, the One whom the peoples await and their Savior. O come and save us, Lord, our God.

Twas the night before the night before Christmas, and all I could think about was West Side Story.

Could it be? Yes, it could.
Something’s coming, something good,
If I can wait!
Something’s coming, I don’t know what it is,
But it is
Gonna be great!

There are a lot of surprises coming Tony’s way, and we know that not all of them will be good. Still, I covet his excitement, his expectation, his trust, and his hope. It’s not easy to believe that something good is coming, especially when it seems like there’s not a lot of good out there.

My belief in resurrection should lead to a belief that God redeems all things, that there is always the possibility of goodness and life. This belief takes various forms: sometimes it’s easy confidence, sometimes grim, cold hope.

Whatever your hope looks like these days, whether it comes easy or hard, even if you only recognize it by the contours of the space it once lives, I hope the glow of the doorway into the Christmas season will cause it to grow. Something’s coming. Something good.

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