In defense of signs and wonders

Disclaimer: I have a obsession with trying to get Thomas off the hook.

Doubting Thomas - Google Art ProjectI worry that this weekend’s Gospel story of “doubting” Thomas is reduced to condemnation of people whose devotion is based on experience.

Is Thomas’ sin not so much asking for proof, but not believing the proof he already had? There were signs and wonders already performed, and the love he had already experienced in the person of Jesus. Was this Jesus’ way of telling Thomas that those would have to be enough for a little while, because he was going away?

Are we supposed to feel superior to those who came to believe because of signs and wonders? I have been guilty of characterizing them as more interested in the the magic show than in the mission. After all, I wasn’t there for Jesus’ miracles, and I manage to believe. Aren’t I wonderful.

But to say I haven’t experienced the miraculous is hogwash. My family, my friends, my career, these are all miracles. God’s mercy, God’s grace are all miracles. These I’ve seen, these I’ve believed. All my devotion is based on experience, and a commitment I chose because of the experience of God in my life.

So I don’t believe the message of today’s Gospel is to not go looking for signs and wonders. Rather, let’s seek signs and wonders everywhere, adding them to the pile of evidence that points toward mercy and grace. Let us be signs and wonders to one another.

What are your signs and wonders?

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3 Responses to In defense of signs and wonders

  1. Donald Kolenda says:

    I subscribe to your blogs and love every one of them. God bless you!

  2. frankralbovs says:

    After several hard days at the beginning of April, and memories of my loved one on the April 1 anniversary of her passing, this “heart-shaped” mark appeared on my hand… not a bruise, not anything painful, not an injury of any type… …it just showed up. Should I discuss this with my dermatologist ? or maybe my pastor??? Or is my imagination overactive? I remember Linda having skin blood-marks of this type on her hands and arms due to her Lymphoma and platelet deficiencies. Then again, maybe I should just smile 🙂 A picture can be found on my facebook page:
    This is the fifth tangible sign my wife has sent via God to me during very, very hard healing times.

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