A quiet week, and a guest post

I was so disappointed as the week drew to a close that I didn’t expect to be able to pull together my 7 Quick Takes for the week. I have had a love-hate relationship with this practice: first I wrote posts of 7 random things and found it very difficult to come up with something. Then I started writing themed lists (How to survive a Boston snowstorm in seven easy steps, 7 observations on the death of Margaret Thatcher) which take forever to write, but which turned into a very organized, regimented way for me to process the world.

A well thought out list is not in the cards for today. I’ve had a cold and been on vocal rest, I’m in rehearsals for The Sound of Music which opens next weekend, I had two guest posts to write, I finished a fantastic book (The Glass Castle), I’m still trying to process the marathon bombing and subsequent investigation, last weekend was packed with church gigs, and I have tons of lines and music to learn for upcoming shows.

Now that I look at it, those are 7 reasons. So there you have it, albeit quicker takes than usual!

If today’s post isn’t enough for you, please visit the Woodland Theatre Company blog for my guest post on “Going for the Funny“. 

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