WEDDING: Robert and Margaret

We were very lucky to have two of Robert’s dear friends from Michigan come to our wedding and share their amazing artistry with us as our photographers. Little leaves me speechless, but Kendra’s photos do. Enjoy.

Kendra Stanley-Mills Photography

Boston, Massachusetts

The few days leading up to Robert and Margaret’s wedding was unseasonably cold but on April 11th, the sun came out and the blue sky was filled with puffy white clouds. Even though Margaret still draped the shawl crocheted by her grandmother around her shoulders to ward off the goosebumps, the sun was a welcomed guest.  If the pleasant weather wasn’t enough, the music during their wedding was epic. It filled the transepts of St. Ignatius with such beauty that I honestly found myself distracted (in a good way.)

As always, I’m moved by the sentimentality in each individual wedding. I loved that Robert wore his father’s ring, that Margaret’s Aunt Mary did her hair and that she wore a bracelet belonging to her mother. The pretzels that were given as favors were made by Margaret’s mother and her friends.

Margaret posted on Facebook a few days after the wedding saying that friends were…

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