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Religion teacher by day, opera singer by night, theology student, choral conductor, runner most afternoons.  I think about auditions, the liturgical calendar, public policy, and vegetables. I sing. I blog from Boston.

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12 Responses to About Me

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  2. Bob Waters says:

    I’m an organ builder living in Vermont. I’m also a member of the Vestry at my small Episcopal church, St. Barnabas. In addition, I am nuts about art and culture in Renaissance Florence. I’m very glad to have read your comments before bloviating an emotion heavy comment. I hope to keep up with your blog. My wife is a pc geek, so I will make sure she gets me in tune with how this works.

    Thank you for your thoughts. I’ll make sure folks up here know about you.
    Bob Waters

  3. Bob Waters says:

    Is it too much to think that this horrible man who was burned on the square in Florence has again surfaced to have us burn organs like he did with Botticelli paintings, art, furniture, books???

    On garde Savonarola, Bob Waters

  4. I get to play a beautiful Casavant Freres organ every week, but I do use a piano for the contemporary pieces. In my experiences as a Music Teacher, Choir Director, and Music Minister, ANY young people I have demonstrated a pipe organ to had that awestruck look in their eyes… I believe that churches need to be more open minded in their approach to new music and offer a variety of music. The only way to get people to go to church is to live like someone they can respect. It is our job to share the GOSPEL, and Invite and Encourage people to Go To Church, because GOD has a plan for GOOD for EveryOne who will listen for His Voice!

  5. I found your blog from a post you posted on my best friends blog. I live about 30 minutes away from Boston. I’m a youth pastor and administrator. I blog about my adventures and what God is teaching me. Loved your post about what our experiences with God can do.

  6. Cecilia Chludzinski says:

    I found your blog, because Jared Dees reccommended it. I loved your article on Why Pope Francis is a perfect fit for today. I plan on using it in my 8th grade religion class.

    I am a 4th, 6-8th grade religion teacher,at St. Raphael School in New Jersey.

    Cecilia Chludzinski

  7. Cecilia Chludzinski says:

    Will do!

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