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Putting Smart before Beautiful

I can’t recall any memories from childhood of my parents telling me I was pretty. Before you start to feel sorry for me, I’m not sure that was a bad thing. I never heard that sort of language, but I … Continue reading

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The Bargain Women Make (or why my heart won’t let me diet)

I have always been unhappy with my weight. Maybe always is a strong term. Until I got to college I didn’t think much about it, and happily porked out during high school with no one giving me much grief about … Continue reading

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On Rape: the god of getting off

Nice girls don’t write about rape. Too violent, too controversial, too…icky. Yes, rape is controversial, hard as that may be to believe. Still, two stories I read today in short order helped me get my anger back. One was from … Continue reading

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What I don’t want to write

WordPress sent me a snazzy little graphic showing some of my blog stats for 2011. I was rather interested in what it would tell me, although I am totally unsavvy about putting stats and feedback to my advantage. Nevertheless, I … Continue reading

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Hitting Pause: A Soul that Shouts

In the spirit of giving myself a break, I have decided to hit pause on my blog and repost some of my favorite material for the last ten days of the year. Today’s choice is inspired by many of the … Continue reading

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I came a little late to this one, but I finally got around to reading an article from huffington post on one woman’s quest to make little girls not quite so obsessed with their physical appearance. I think we all … Continue reading

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Of Munchkins and Wafflemakers

A few weeks ago my closest coworker defended his dissertation. Proud of him and happy for him, I called on the way in to work to double check what his favorite donut was before I stopped and got treats for … Continue reading

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Fat and Ugly

I hate myself. There, it feels better to have that off my chest. OK, maybe that’s an exaggeration. It’s just my entire body that I hate. The self-hatred has wavered between indifference and full-on loathing since I left Podunkville for … Continue reading

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Uncomfortable (my repudiation of macho Christianity)

One thing I don’t do nearly enough of is mention some of the other great blogs I read regularly. It just so happened that this week three of my favorites, Joy, Elizabeth, and Preston, all addressed the same controversy involving … Continue reading

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5 reasons I don’t want to be treated like a princess (plus a bonus rant)

Every time I hear a variation on “every woman wants to be treated like a princess!” a little piece of me dies. I read a riff on that theme just a few days ago, and have spent the time between … Continue reading

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