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Why I hate being called Miss

I recently received an email in which I was addressed as “Miss” and was shocked at how strong a negative reaction I had. I double checked the email to which they were responding: yes, I had signed with “Ms.” as … Continue reading

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The hole-punch cover

The three-hole punch in my classroom tends to fall apart. It punches perfectly well, but the front cover falls off every time someone picks it up. The blasted cover clatters to the floor, someone lets out a shout of aggravation … Continue reading

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Being Beautiful

I finally bit the bullet this week and scheduled a time for new headshots, replacing the very old and out of date ones I’ve been using for longer than I care to mention. A friend who is a great photographer … Continue reading

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Mary the Apostle

Does anyone really exist, or are people only who we make them into? Yesterday a bunch of folks in my quirky Twitter world were tweeting away about St Mary of Magdala, the apostle to the Apostles. A lot of people … Continue reading

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In all things, charity

In essentials, unity. In non-essentials, liberty. In all things, charity. – Attributed to St Augustine. Something awful happened today. A politician was shot and people made it political and then they were criticized for being political. We heard she died … Continue reading

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A Soul that Shouts

One occupational hazard for a church musician is that we rarely come across traditional hymns that are new to us: we’ve literally heard it all before. But just a few years ago I got the gift of a new Advent/Christmas … Continue reading

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Remembering the Four Churchwomen

“The church’s role is to accompany those who suffer the most, and to witness our hope in the resurrection.” – Maura Clarke On December 2 we remembered the four churchwomen killed on that date in El Salvador in 1980. Ita … Continue reading

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Retroactive indignation

A dear friend who works in politics once admitted he occasionally tells people he is a social security actuary in order to avoid the ridiculous political comments people make when he reveals his true line of work. I have considered … Continue reading

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Great women are like meteors

Last week I took yet another tour of the state house, an activity that always brings my civics nerd-dom to the fore. I love history, politics, policy, and majestic buildings, so this oft-repeated trip inspires and interests me. I have no illusions … Continue reading

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If you’re not outraged…

Once upon a time, like a lot of idealistic young people, I lived and died by the bumper-sticker creed “If you’re not outraged you’re not paying attention”. After a little time and a lot of experience, my bumper sticker is … Continue reading

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