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Chasing Carrageenan

On one of my many trips to the neighborhood health clinic, driven to its basement exam rooms by the unexplained, as-yet-undiagnosed compulsive vomiting that had taken over my life, I was given a piece of friendly advice by the young … Continue reading

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L’Eremo delle Carcieri

Two weeks at a music festival is enough to have any soprano singing “The Desire for Hermitage“, so it was fitting that I left my trip to the Eremo delle Carcieri for the beginning of our third week, after a … Continue reading

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5-year rewind: Seven observations on the death of Margaret Thatcher

In honor of my five-year anniversary blogging at Felice Mi Fa, I am sharing five of my favorite, most meaningful posts. Since I usually post some version of Seven Quick Takes on Fridays, it seemed fitting that I choose one of my … Continue reading

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Seven things I’m working on this summer

With the weather finally turning warm in Boston, I am starting to dream of the semi-leisurely days of summer that are right around the corner. Slowly my academic-year responsibilities drop off, and I have more time here and there. This … Continue reading

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So that they may all be one.

Teaching church history, I always feel a little pang when I get to the part of the story when I have to give this speech: You know how we have been talking about the followers of Jesus as Christians? Well, … Continue reading

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Seven observations on the death of Margaret Thatcher

— 1 — Margarets are memorable Growing up in the 80s I remember kids teasing me by calling me “Margaret Thatcher”. We weren’t any more politically or internationally aware than your average grade-schoolers, so I’m not sure how this came … Continue reading


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Seven ways the conclave was counter-cultural

Most people feel at some point like they’re swimming upstream culturally. Often our family values, religious observance, or life experience puts us at odds with this thing called “culture”, which increasingly is synonymous with “whatever the corporate media is trying to sell … Continue reading

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Seven Reasons I Love Being Catholic

Would that I were a papal scholar and could write a brilliant post on the sede vacante. Instead, I’ll stick with the Catholic theme and tell you a few of the reasons I love being Catholic 1. My family I … Continue reading

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Having repeatedly examined my conscience before God

As the story goes, St Anthony of Egypt, the first known Christian monk, lived to be 105. When asked about that, I often respond “that’s what years of clean living will do to you.” Remember when the Church hated the … Continue reading

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Having a dream

I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.” What is it about listening to … Continue reading

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