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The land of the free

The anthem was too slow for my taste, but I’m particular about my Star-Spangled-Banner tempi. We were gathered at the start line, bouncing up and down to stave off the early morning chill. The national anthem, sung by a talented … Continue reading

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7 insights from Pope Francis’ interview

America Magazine published the highlights of an interview with Pope Francis from August 2013. The answers reveal a lot about our current Pope and his approach to our world. Though I plan to go back and read a few more times, … Continue reading

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Why Pope Francis is a perfect fit for today’s world

Something tells me Pope Leo the Great didn’t kiss a lot of babies. In his defense, he had his hands full keeping order in Rome a century after it was abandoned for Constantinople by the imperial leadership. Also, he had … Continue reading

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7 thoughts on money

“This is my $15,000 dog.” Overhearing that on a recent day trip to Long Island prompted a few weeks of pondering money, its nature, and its effects. Stick with me to the end to find out more about the dog. … Continue reading

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On crime, women, and Southie

Over the last few days there have been attacks in Boston that are very, very close to home. I wasn’t there when they happened, though I was in the immediate aftermath, and have been following the story from not-too-far. Some … Continue reading

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5-year rewind: Seven observations on the death of Margaret Thatcher

In honor of my five-year anniversary blogging at Felice Mi Fa, I am sharing five of my favorite, most meaningful posts. Since I usually post some version of Seven Quick Takes on Fridays, it seemed fitting that I choose one of my … Continue reading

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When we don’t like the Gospel: on burying the Boston Marathon bomber

By all accounts, Peter Stefan has been going about his business of burying the dead for a long time, with little attention outside of Worcester, MA. Now the funeral director is at the center of a controversy because the body … Continue reading

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Children of Eternity: the Boston Prays Together interfaith prayer service

I was proud of so many things while watching the prayer service in response to the Boston marathon bombing. I was proud of my city, proud of its leaders, proud of its faith community, proud of its artists, and proud … Continue reading

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Blood on my bus stop

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Indeed, it happened once before. I was in a Medieval/Renaissance music class on the other side of Boston when planes took off from Boston Logan Airport that would later be flown into … Continue reading

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Seven observations on the death of Margaret Thatcher

— 1 — Margarets are memorable Growing up in the 80s I remember kids teasing me by calling me “Margaret Thatcher”. We weren’t any more politically or internationally aware than your average grade-schoolers, so I’m not sure how this came … Continue reading

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