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Should I be shocked by Westboro Baptist?

The folks at Westboro Baptist think I’m going to hell, and I’m OK with that. This is simply based on my membership in the Satanic cult known as the Roman Catholic Church, but they could probably find another reason to … Continue reading

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A surprising reason a Jesuit Pope could be good for the Society of Jesus

In my many years at Jesuit institutions I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard Ignatian  spirituality described as social justice and intellectual curiosity without any of that pesky “Catholic stuff” weighing it down. I imagine poor Iggy spinning … Continue reading

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Seven ways the conclave was counter-cultural

Most people feel at some point like they’re swimming upstream culturally. Often our family values, religious observance, or life experience puts us at odds with this thing called “culture”, which increasingly is synonymous with “whatever the corporate media is trying to sell … Continue reading

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Habemus Papam

I spent most of the day scared I was going to do excitement wrong. Life is sprinkled with unforgettable moments. We often remember exactly where we were when big news happened or was announced. Since we knew this papal announcement … Continue reading

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Having repeatedly examined my conscience before God

As the story goes, St Anthony of Egypt, the first known Christian monk, lived to be 105. When asked about that, I often respond “that’s what years of clean living will do to you.” Remember when the Church hated the … Continue reading

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Wrestling with Beyoncé

“Well Miss Margaret, how’s your ‘sexism at the Super Bowl’ treating you now? The stage is full of women. “ That is what one of my friends asked me as Beyoncé dominated the Super Bowl halftime show. He knew that … Continue reading

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The two most annoying pieces of Newtown news this week

As I’m from Connecticut, and very close to a reporter who has been covering the tragedy in Newtown, I follow the coverage of the event (and the coverage of the coverage) with great interest. In truth, most of us do, … Continue reading

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