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Death Penalty Repeal in Connecticut: Why I still oppose capital punishment.

I was happy to see some news out of my home state today that the state house had voted to repeal the death penalty: Connecticut Senate Passes Death Penalty Repeal. I know there is passion on both sides of the … Continue reading

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America Occupied: A Love Letter

The recent Occupy Wall Street movement has caused my natural cynicism and my natural populism to collide in a most confusing way. On the one hand I love anything that involves sticking in to the plutocracy, but on the other … Continue reading

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More than Fair: why I oppose the death penalty

I try to keep my vegetarianism quiet, because I don’t often feel like answering questions about it, and it has been my habit for almost half of my life now, so I’m not really interested in it anymore. Still, people … Continue reading

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Here Comes Everybody

If I got to decide who belonged to the People of God, I might not be as generous as I should be. People annoy me sometimes. I disagree with them and I am disagreeable with them. I look around at … Continue reading

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Getting Pied

Rupert Murdoch got pied today. I do not advocate hitting someone in the face with a pie, no matter how odious or sinister they may seem. I do not think that this was a necessary action to bring attention to … Continue reading

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What I’m trying to say

I really wanted to write a timely, profound reflection on the death of Osama bin Laden. Bloggers wise and not-so-wise have been throwing in their two cents and more over the last few days. Unfortunately I am coming a little … Continue reading

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The Catholic President

Living as I do in the shadow of the JFK Library, I have noticed over the last few months a series of lamppost banners announcing various anniversaries, starting with the 50th anniversary of the election of JFK – our first … Continue reading

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Be sure, don’t be right

Today I showed the finale of Dialogues of the Carmelites in a lesson on the French Revolution. This opera is so extraordinary from a dramatic standpoint because the characters are drawn so sharply. When each Carmelite goes to the guillotine … Continue reading

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My suspicion is that I am unbearable to shop with. I have no problem traipsing all over a store, stopping to look at any bright thing, touching everything soft, smelling every candle. I imagine each item in my life – … Continue reading

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They’ll know we are Christians by our love.

Something awful happened today. The shooting of Congresswoman Giffords is a specific, personal tragedy, and I don’t want to distract from it’s specificity by making her a symbol. Yet we can’t deny the country was shocked into awareness today, and … Continue reading


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