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In all things, charity

In essentials, unity. In non-essentials, liberty. In all things, charity. – Attributed to St Augustine. Something awful happened today. A politician was shot and people made it political and then they were criticized for being political. We heard she died … Continue reading

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Remembering the Four Churchwomen

“The church’s role is to accompany those who suffer the most, and to witness our hope in the resurrection.” – Maura Clarke On December 2 we remembered the four churchwomen killed on that date in El Salvador in 1980. Ita … Continue reading

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Great women are like meteors

Last week I took yet another tour of the state house, an activity that always brings my civics nerd-dom to the fore. I love history, politics, policy, and majestic buildings, so this oft-repeated trip inspires and interests me. I have no illusions … Continue reading

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To reach the goal is nothing else but the will to go

“Too late have I loved you, O Beauty of ancient days, yet ever new!” Yesterday was the Memorial of St Augustine, one of Christianity’s most celebrated theologians, who had quite a way with words (who could forget “Lord, make me … Continue reading

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Mayoral Madness

I’m sure many of you have been waiting with baited breath for the announcement of Felice Mi Fa’s mayoral endorsement. Like most things this fall, Election Day has snuck up on me and I haven’t peeped about local politics. Those … Continue reading

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Singing notes is easy, singing from your heart is hard.

The first time that I traveled to Italy, in the Summer of 2000, I often went to morning mass and/or evening vespers at one of the local churches in Parma. One evening I arrived at San Giovanni Evangelista and parked … Continue reading

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Funerals, Media, and God’s People

My first inclination was to keep commentary on the Kennedy funeral to a minimum, mostly because it just seems tacky to Monday morning quarterback a Mass of Christian Burial. But I have spent the last few days surrounded by church … Continue reading

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Becoming a Lion

For this left-leaning Catholic from New England with a passion for policy, there are few people held in higher regard than Jed Bartlet, who, unfortunately, is imaginary. Ted Kennedy has always been one of those few, as I would guess … Continue reading

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Health Care, Soundbytes, and Talking to a Dining Room Table

Barney Frank was my first taste of Massachusetts politics. I heard him speak at BC during September of my freshman year. He made a snarky comment about Jerry Falwell and I laughed loudly, to the shock and disapproval of my … Continue reading

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Traditionalism and Outrage Overload

Two recent thoughts from watching TV: I fear that I am genetically pre-disposed to prefer “the way things used to be”. I try to fight that internally (are rotary phones really superior to cell phones, or am I just being … Continue reading

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