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Following the rules

If mass had been in the upper church we would have been on time. Instead, it was in the clean, wood-floored lower chapel, and the few minutes we rain through the rain trying to find an unlocked door were the … Continue reading

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Praying for Rain

I had what I thought were some pretty good reasons for being distracted at the vigil mass. We had been traveling for what felt like an eternity, driving from New England to Indiana to visit my brother. The Cathedral we … Continue reading

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Joy like dust in the air

Once my student acupuncture interns found out that I was game for anything and never complained, they began pulling out different techniques with every visit, determined to practice every trick in the book on their guinea pig. I’m pretty tough, … Continue reading

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7 Quick Takes

I was feeling pretty blocked on a post for today, when I discovered the new-to-me meme hosted over at Conversion Diary. Seven little things seems like just the ticket today. So here’s what’s going on in my world, in Seven … Continue reading

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Serving two masters

I have to ask you to forgive me the pun, ever since I started working on my second masters degree seven long years ago, I have dreamed of making a joke about “serving two masters”. And today, the day after … Continue reading

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If you loved me you’d “like” me

A few weeks ago I took the plunge and made a page for this blog on Facebook, prompting the existential question “Does anybody like me??” This angst was followed in short order by the realization that neither my parents nor … Continue reading

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Mouthing the Words

A few years ago I was at a liturgy in a small, unfamiliar parish in another part of the state. As usual, I did my best not to sing so loudly that I stuck out from the rest of the … Continue reading

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Out of my control

Alas, the cold I’ve been fighting throughout the triduum has not abated and I woke this morning still feeling icky. I have a bit of a sniffle and my lungs feel somewhat scratchy. My voice, which on its best days … Continue reading

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Keeping the vigil

There are two things on which I can rely during my mis-named Easter “break”: I will do a ton of singing in my home state, and I will get sick. This year was no different, with my first sign of … Continue reading

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I have Crohn’s disease. Even as I write that, I rush to add a lot of qualifiers: my case is really mild, I’m on a low-dose med. I hardly have any trouble. My nutrition is fine. I am not what … Continue reading

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