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7 things I wish I didn’t know

I hate to make mistakes. I try to be really precise in my language and terminology in all fields, especially professional ones. This usually has one of two effects: it takes me forever to say what I want to say, … Continue reading

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Stay Focused: my guest post at

Dan at asked me to write some advice to catechists for his series of the same name. There was only one catch: I had to limit myself to 600 words! As always, there was a lot I wanted to … Continue reading

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7 insights from Pope Francis’ interview

America Magazine published the highlights of an interview with Pope Francis from August 2013. The answers reveal a lot about our current Pope and his approach to our world. Though I plan to go back and read a few more times, … Continue reading

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Four reasons Good Catholic Daughters should consider college after all

The internet is piling on a recent post titled Six Reasons to NOT Send Your Daughter to College. It is ridiculous. College isn’t right for everyone, but to say that it is uniformly unsuited for Good Catholic Girls (excuse me, … Continue reading

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Why Pope Francis is a perfect fit for today’s world

Something tells me Pope Leo the Great didn’t kiss a lot of babies. In his defense, he had his hands full keeping order in Rome a century after it was abandoned for Constantinople by the imperial leadership. Also, he had … Continue reading

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7 things this Catholic woman wants

The Washington Post ran a piece this week on “What Catholic Women Want”, in light of Pope Francis’ assertion that the Church needs a “deeper theology of women”. I was very intrigued by Francis’ claim that our theology regarding women … Continue reading

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Body and Soul

Four summers ago I had a wonderful morning routine. I would rise at dawn and jump on my bike to ride 25 minutes to another neighborhood of the city where I would meet a friend at the local pool and … Continue reading

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7 more tips for new religion teachers

A few weeks ago I posted 7 tips for new religion teachers, and asked some of my colleagues, readers and friends for their feedback and contributions. They offered so many good ideas that I’m making a second list – and … Continue reading

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Learning to look: on the Feast of St Ignatius

Today is the Feast of St Ignatius, and that matters to me. It matters to me because I quite by chance I ended up at a Jesuit college which has since affected everything in my life. It’s hard to find … Continue reading

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7 tips for new religion teachers

So, you finished that theology degree that everyone rolled their eyes at, and you’ve found the holy grail: gainful employment in your field. I was in your position a few years ago, except without the theology degree. If I knew … Continue reading

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